All of my work reflects my love of the ocean and the natural environs that share that space.

I grew up in a beach house in Portuguese Bend. My mother worked and my father took off sailing, leaving the three of us to our own devices. I spent my days either body surfing or exploring the tide pools at the local beach. It was an unstructured life, lonely, but kept intact with my ocean connection.

From these beginnings, I started a lifetime of work in the arts. Delving deeply into both silversmithing and photography, I have spent the last two decades working in my studio with a constant eye towards the beauty of nature in combination with the hand of the artist.

I photographed all of the images you see on this site with cameras that range from a Rolleiflex medium format to a Kodak 8x10. All prints are Silver Gelatin on Ilford Fibre paper and were printed by me.

I welcome questions about my work.

Warm regards, Billie